Picked up these “Heritage” beans from Pilot Coffee House at Propaganda.

I like this Classic <—> Adventurous scale. I am definitely on the more dark, rich “coffee” flavours rather than light and floral mango or whatever :)

Went out for a bike ride along Arbutus Greenway. Beautiful sun and a stop at Beacoup Bakery on the way back, plus all the cyclists waiting for the train at Union.

Yesterday’s lunch at Laksa King was a bowl of laksa, a bowl of mohinga (Fernando got a picture of it), and an order of roti canai

One of the few times I’ve stayed somewhere else on #bowenisland. Up on Eagle Cliff, looking out to Strait of Georgia and across to UBC. Wind and whitecaps.

I should log my epic sandwich from yesterday’s lunch. Sourdough from Tall Shadow breads, polish mayo, pickle slice, Roma tomato, havarti, and salami.

Spicy udon bowl for lunch today. Onions, ginger, garlic, some diced red peppers & carrots I had laying around. Diced Roma tomatoes. Miso. Soy Sauce. Samba Oelek. Rice vinegar.

Rachael won an overnight stay prize pack from VanMuralFest and the Robson BIA. Finishing our downtown adventure with a nice breakfast at Forage.

The Sifter in Atlas Obscura

The Sifter thesifter.org

a multilingual database, currently 130,000-items strong, of the ingredients, techniques, authors, and section titles included in more than 5,000 European and U.S. cookbooks.

A Database of 5,000 Historical Cookbooks Is Now Online, and You Can Help Improve It, Atlas Obscura

The data on this site is super interesting. Whatever is running the site is not great. It’s some sort of out of the box Microsoft thing including default loading animations.

But! It aims to be a sort of Wikipedia. I’ve signed up to be a contributor and I hope that this can be built on and be licensed for re-use.

I did a search for “Vancouver” and found only one entry, so my used cookbook collection may be able to add a handful more. It does say it only wants pre-1940 cookbooks, but it’s unclear why.

It provides a bird’s-eye view of long-term trends in European and American cuisines, from shifting trade routes and dining habits to culinary fads. Search “cupcakes,” for example, and you’ll find the term may have first popped up in Mrs. Putnam’s Receipt Book And Young Housekeeper’s Assistant, a guide for ladies running middle-class households in the 1850s.

Yes! Super interesting to me. Looking forward to see how this evolves.

(From the Gastro Obscura section of A.O.)

Ride out to our usual bench at Burnaby Lake was pretty cold. Got to get gloves and other gear sorted to keep #biking.

The new Rad Mini in white has slightly smaller wheels, and of course no extended rear rack.

I wrote a blog post about joining Social.Coop. It’s a co-op that runs “user-controlled social media” in the form of a Mastodon server. If you’re on Mastodon, please let me know, I’d like to follow you there!

Our new Rad Mini got delivered today! It looks cute and small compared to my Rad Runner, plus a few upgrades: it has gears and a bike computer screen, and an improved front light vs the Run

This will primarily be Rachael’s bike, but I’ll borrow it on occasion ;)

I have a cute little like green Bodum charcoal BBQ that we can take to the park at the end of the street. But charcoal is a bit of an ordeal so doesn’t get used often. What about a Scottish made gas pizza oven???

The Ooni: youtu.be/7kzenzsML…