As is tradition for me, I’ll capture what I’m doing around my microblogging tools and workflow on this Colophon page.

As of July 2020, I decided to split off my short form “microblogging” of photos, bookmarks, and short notes to a paid account. I have as my custom domain. This was mainly motivated by wanting to make sure that I could reliably post this sort of stuff without having to maintain my rather complex setup myself. And, I had been recommending Mb as a solution to others, too, so figured I better figure out the full paid experience.

I documented various experiences and feature requests with setting up a new

As part of getting started here, I imported my old site, which mostly worked other than flooding the category list here. I need to re-upload the images, which still point to the server.

I also imported my account. I had previously manually posted a number of those posts to my main blog. I have the option to cross-post from Mb to Medium, not sure that I care about having content there. I do need to delete which pointed to a publication there.

I intend to keep long form posts on I will likely dramatically reboot that site to run on Fission, and in turn on IPFS.

Tools and Workflow

On my phone, I’m experimenting with a number of Mb and more generally Micropub clients for posting. Quill continues to be a very capable web-based client that I like to use. I am using Gluon as my primary native app for reading the Mb timeline and for posting photos.

On desktop Mac, I have MarsEdit for editing and drafting posts. This has been particularly helpful as I work my way through the backlog. I changed the connection settings to download the 200 most recent posts, since “Download all posts” is not available as an option.

I currently have cross-posting for my Twitter @bmann account setup whenever I tag a post with Twitter, and the same for my LinkedIn account when tagged with LinkedIn. My @boris feed has everything – I’ll likely edit the front page or make a Subscribe page so that people know how to subscribe.


  • Pick and customize a long term theme. Current one doesn’t display tags / categories for starters.
  • Make sure theme has social preview meta tags
  • Decide whether or not to import microblog posts from
  • Likely integrate Sidebar of microblog posts onto the home page there

pre-July 2020

The colophon covers the before times.

Boris Mann @boris