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@help awesome! Also: will you take PRs to the documentation?

I’m happy to help document.

@help it looks like LinkedIn posts are truncated, maybe even at 280 characters. I believe their posts are up to 1300 characters. Any plans to change that?

@Eric_US I love NameCheap for domain registration, but their add on services are not very good. yeah I start worrying about functionality on top of Markdown files being enclosed. The personal / private use only makes it less risky. More experiments to come!

@ton I wish Obsidian was released under an open source license.

Foam is interesting to me in part because it’s open source. Much more developer focused pieces it’s built on.

@adamprocter everything still posts (here to the timeline) to your main feed AFAICT, and people can subscribe to the feed -- it just isn't a "source" for cross posting. Also, you can just add the feed back in to the feeds page. But yeah, this is all a bit tricky.

@adamprocter OK, well it looks like it is working for me. Delete your "main" feed and you should be able to selectively use category feeds to cross-post. But you can't cross the streams! :)

@help @adamprocter this is helpful! I think I hit this exact same thing. I've now removed my "main" feed and will experiment. What I'm trying to accomplish is that I add LinkedIn or Twitter tags to cross post. Sounds like adding both won't work, since the post is in two feeds?

@ton I like the visual interface of what they're doing with Quotebacks. On the Quotebacks site it says "A web-native citation standard", but I couldn't see anywhere what standard they are using. I would hope that they use a W3C standard compatible with

@ton I really enjoyed this whole series, and introduced it to a number of people. I follow Martha Wells' blog and appreciate her Tuesday Book Recommendations, which emphasize books by diverse authors.

@kupad hello back!

@LTG thanks, just posted the first update with more. Makes me wonder about how users might help out with documentation.

@ladyhope the blog post editor on Quill gives you a title field. It defaults to "notes" which are meant to be ~280 characters.

@funkking great! I've been cross-posting from my own blog, and am looking forward to the simplicity of using a number of the apps and integrations.

@manton OK, have things ported in and made a bunch of notes.

@macgenie not a coop, just like-minded neighbours to build their own multi-unit house. My mom mostly Instagrams, and I had her on Tumblr previously, I could probably get her on a site here :)

@manton happy to support you and your company. I'll keep asking to push the envelope on transparency and ability to export though ;)

@manton fixed it on my end with an update to IndieKit

Yay! Micropub all the things, IndieAuth all the things!

@manton thanks for that info. I'll file an issue with the IndieKit and see about defaulting to create.

They responded on Twitter, so ideally I'll get this sorted on my end, as it will be harder for them to update. Thanks!

@manton for personal micropublish end points, iAWriter isn't asking for scopes. Who / where is the best place to talk to the team there?

@pat sorry, didn't see this! I've been meaning to swap out for IndieKit on my main site. I'll ping you and we can figure out a time.

@incanus use IndieKit! I’m using a different but similar NodeJS on Heroku free tier now, but will switch. IndieKit supports image uploads!

And yes, the majority of IndieWeb / Micropub stuff is not in a solid state.

@pat I have a half start at moving over to IndieKit myself. Images!

Maybe we should schedule a hack session and just hang out on video working on this.

@smokey that's a super high quality list. Thanks for compiling those resources!

@boris so, my bookmarks are now coming through. I forgot that MicroBlog will treat anything with a title as a blog post, so I'll need to tweak the feed for here (which will then cross post to Twitter).